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Tax Resolution

Reliable and Expert Chicago Tax Resolution

top view of business partners reviewing finance documentsTax problems can happen to anyone. This is because navigating tax regulations and laws can be confusing and challenging even for the most careful business owner. Our team of tax resolution experts in Chicago have been solving tax issues for decades, finding unique and individualized tax solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Because we focus on getting you back to compliance and in good standing with the IRS, you can trust us to be your partner throughout any situation.

We know the stress that receiving a letter from the IRS can bring. Our detail-oriented CPAs have seen it all, giving us the experience and knowledge to find even the most elusive tax solutions. We even offer IRS representation services in Chicago. The multi-ethnic team at Osaghae & Associates, Ltd. is there when you need them, ready and able to answer any questions you might have regarding our process and your situation. Contact us today for a free initial consultation!

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Friendly and Reliable Help Resolving Your Tax Issues

The Chicago tax resolution professionals at our firm genuinely want to help you navigate whatever tax problems your business is facing. As a celebrated professor, our founder and his team have the qualifications to help you understand precisely what you are facing and what tax liabilities you are required to pay. The decades of experience we possess have also given us the expertise needed to represent you before the IRS successfully. We commit to walking with you during every step of the process and ensure you understand all the options set before you.

How Do Tax Problems Happen?

business team in a meetingBusiness taxes are complicated and can be confusing to even the most diligent business owner. Tax issues can result from a missed deadline, simple filling error, or more complex compliance issues that continued over time without being caught. Regardless of your tax situation, we are here to help you through it.

We take the time to analyze your past and current financials to fully understand what the IRS is requesting of you. Then, we develop a plan that best satisfies your tax obligations while keeping your best interests in focus.

Tax Situations You May Be Facing

Unresolved tax problems can negatively affect the operation and success of your business. Our team works hard at keeping your business running smoothly and successfully while we find the solutions you need. Some of the tax issues we can assist you with include:

  • IRS Audits - An audit happens when the IRS wants to ensure your company's financial records and accounts match what you have reported. They will also check to see if you filed your taxes properly in accordance with the relevant tax laws. You may be audited at random or if the IRS sees something in your taxes that they want additional answers on.
  • Liens - If you don't pay your taxes on time or refuse to pay back taxes, the government can legally claim your property and assets. A lien also alerts creditors that the government has the right to claim your property as their own.
  • Levies - Levies are the next step beyond a lien. When a levy is enacted, the government immediately seizes your property or assets to satisfy your outstanding debt. This includes the possible seizure of business equipment, wages, accounts receivable, contractor pay, and other business assets.

How Can We Help You Settle Your IRS Debt?

Every business has different tax situations and problems. We provide customized tax resolutions in Chicago to fit the individual situations facing you and your business. Our team works with you and the IRS to find ways to avoid fines, liens, levies, and other penalties. Once a solution has been found, there are a couple of options available for repaying your tax obligations.

  • Payment Plans - Through a series of regular payments spread out over a set period, the IRS will allow you to repay what you owe. We work to secure the best repayment plan to fit your needs and financial situation that the IRS will allow, with the goal of you being able to repay with minimal complications.
  • Offer in Compromise - Under certain circumstances, you may qualify for an offer in compromise. We will negotiate with the IRS, and if we reach an agreement, they will forgive a portion of the tax liabilities you owe. Our team will compile all the relevant financial records and documentation to present the IRS with an offer in compromise application. Should the offer be accepted, it is vital that you adhere to the agreed-upon terms to avoid further fines and an increase in tax liability.

Comprehensive and Reliable Tax Resolution Services in Chicago

We walk with you through whatever your unique tax situation entails, ensuring you understand every challenge and solution we find. Our compassionate and respectful team of tax experts strives to make your life simpler, regardless of the tax problems you are facing. Whether you're in Chicago or one of our surrounding communities, we're the tax resolution specialists that you can trust. Contact us today for your free initial consultation!

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