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Small Business Accounting

Your Proactive & Meticulous Chicago Accountant

team of business accountants in a meeting with a business ownerAt Osaghae & Associates, Ltd., we appreciate all the hard work, time, and resources you've invested into your company over the years. Our team supports you and your business by providing the tools, services, and support you need to stay ahead of the competition for years to come. Whether you're looking for precise bookkeeping, assistance with a complex tax return, or detailed financial statements, we're here to help. We understand how challenging it can be to stay on top of your business finances and want to free up your time so you can focus on your employees, product, and day-to-day management.

For many years, we've provided entrepreneurs, working professionals, and business owners in Chicago, Schererville, and nationwide with efficient accounting and tax services. Using state-of-the-art cloud accounting systems, we're able to provide timely and substantial support when you need it most. Our small business accountants in Chicago look forward to exploring your company's goals in greater detail, so give us a call today to schedule your initial consultation!

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Why Partner with Osaghae & Associates, Ltd.?

When you choose to work with our experienced Chicago small business accountants, you can count on our team to be diligent, careful, and responsive. We pride ourselves on becoming your proactive, year-round accounting and tax partners. When you reach out to us with a question or request for information, you can count on a response within one business day. We're genuinely invested in your company's financial well-being, and we love to see you find lasting success.

Our approach is always completely customized to fit your industry needs, company mission, and personal objectives. We avoid cookie-cutter services and instead focus on accomplishing your short- and long-term goals. By doing so, we provide the full-service accounting you need to target your market with increased confidence and efficiency. From rising startups to established businesses, our accountants approach your unique financial situation with empathy, experience, and determination.

Precise Bookkeeping to Keep Your Accounts in Order

business accountant using a calculator and preparing documentsWe believe that bookkeeping is an essential component of modern accounting. When your financial data is neatly organized and accessible, you'll find it easier to keep track of your company's performance. We're happy to help you enter and review receipts, documents, and inventory figures.

Our small business accountants in Chicago use efficient cloud accounting software to store your sensitive information. You and your approved partners can access your accounts from any location that has a stable internet connection. With cloud accounting, you can send invoices, pay bills, and oversee your accounts from almost anywhere in the world.

We provide monthly or quarterly reconciliations to detect errors and protect your business from fraud. To perform a reconciliation, we compare your internal financial statements with those of a reputable outside source, such as your bank or credit card company. If the two documents don't match, we'll investigate for unprocessed payments, duplicate purchases, fraudulent charges, or lost deposits. Periodic account reconciliations allow us to protect your financial stability as we craft efficient cash management strategies.

Providing Key Insights with Financial Statements

With routine financial reporting, it's possible to detect patterns in your underlying data that can lead to enhanced performance and profits. We'll regularly provide you with:

  • Balance sheets that reveal the actual state of your finances at a specific time. Your balance sheet lists liabilities, assets, and owner equity, thus providing an excellent sense of your business's net worth.
  • Income statements show your net revenue over a specified period. By analyzing your income statement, we can assess tax obligations, detect unusual expenditures, and find departments running under or over budget.
  • Cash flow statements that monitor your cash inflows and outflows. Potential investors and company executives can review the cash flow statement to see precisely where money is allocated, such as into financing, investments, or operational costs.

Reliable Tax Planning & Preparation

We understand how challenging it can be to navigate complex and ever-changing tax codes and regulations. Our tax accountants in Chicago are in your corner to assist you throughout the year, whether you need help assessing your tax obligations or are dealing with unexpected issues. We offer:

Tax Planning: We're well-versed in local and federal tax codes. By keeping up with changes to applicable regulations, we can identify hard-to-find deductibles that save you money. Our team constantly seeks to implement strategies that minimize your liabilities, promote smart spending, and take your long-term financial goals into account.

Tax Preparation: Filing your return accurately and on time is essential to avoid fines, fees, and back taxes. You can trust our team to prepare your return with care and precision. We review your information to make sure you neither over- nor underpay. Our mission is to achieve improved returns while protecting your hard-earned money.

Tax Resolution: Getting a notification from the IRS can be a nerve-wracking experience. Our team is at hand to help you evaluate your situation and devise a tailored plan to resolve your problems. Whether you're facing an IRS audit, lien, levy, or back taxes owed, we have the experience to assist you. We'll break down your status and devise an affordable, acceptable solution. Our mission is to restore compliance and reduce your tax burdens as quickly as possible so that you can resume your everyday lifestyle.

Business Consulting & Planning for Sustainable Growth

Having a comprehensive business plan in place helps you effectively target your goals. We meet with your team to discuss your company's mission, specific long- and short-term targets, and needs. Our team constantly prioritizes your objectives, as we assist with:

  • Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Accounting Systems Setup & Consultation
  • Financial Forecasting

Shaping Your Ideal Chicago Accounting Experience

Our accountants consistently go above and beyond to provide you with the resources, logistical support, and tailored services you deserve. From the moment you call our firm, you're given our full time, attention, and consideration. Get in touch with Osaghae & Associates, Ltd. today to schedule your initial consultation with one of our accountants!

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